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Jewel Scent Candle Review


You have all heard about the candles with jewelry inside, right? If you haven’t heard about this before, they have candles with jewelry hidden inside. I was lucky enough to have the chance to review a candle from Jewel Scent.

Jewel Scent candles are hand poured natural soy candles. Each of these candles comes with a ring inside that is valued anywhere from $10 to $7,500. These candles can burn for up to 100 hours and they are 16 oz. They’re made in California and they have been making luxury candles for over thirty years.


I chose the Orchard Apple Jewel Scent candle to review. I thought the scent of this candle was amazing. It smelled a lot like apples and I was so happy to have chosen this candle. I love the smell of apples so I was excited that this candle was true to the scent. With other candles you don’t always get the true scent in the candles. I’ve had other candles before that just don’t have anything to do with their scents they should be like. From the moment I opened up the lid I knew this candle was going to be great once it started to burn.


I was burning this candle for hours before I got to the ring. I actually decided to pour some of the wax in to a mold so that I could get to the ring faster. I’m sure if I wouldn’t have done that then it would have taken about twelve hours to a day to get to the ring. When they say this candle burns for about 100 hours I really do believe that. The ring wasn’t even half way down in the candle and it took many hours to get to. I love that the candle will burn for a very long time. I’ve had some candles that hardly burn at all or they lose their scent to quickly. This candle definitely kept it’s scent too.


I was very excited once I got down to the ring. It was wrapped in foil to protect it and it was also in a little bag once you unwrap the foil. I usually use tweezers or a fork to take it out since it will be hot and it’s easier then using your hands and getting them full of wax. I also used a paper towel to wipe off all the extra was that got around the foil otherwise it makes it harder to open up the bag when you get to your ring.


I was very surprised to find this beautiful ring inside. I didn’t see any markings on the ring but I still think it’s very pretty. I’m happy with the ring that came from my candle. Check out my video below if you’d like to see me revealing the ring I got from my candle.

If you love candles then I’m sure you’re going to love Jewel Scent candles. They have a lot of different scents to choose from that I’m sure you’re going to love. They also have soaps and beads. Make sure to check them out if you’d love some of there lovely products. You’ll get a ring too!

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review. The opinions are all 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

35 thoughts on “Jewel Scent Candle Review

  1. Melissa Smith

    Love the ring but I think I love the candle even more. It just seems like it really is great quality! Now what are the odds of me getting a $7500 ring? ;-)

    1. Elena

      do you know how to get a hold of them? still waiting on my shipment from over a week ago. Can’t find their number and they haven’t responded to my emails.

    2. Beth Herren

      I ordered 2 candles and a bar soap from JewelScent, and I received my package in 5 days. I don’t think that is very long at all, especially since the shipping was FREE when buying more than one. One was a gift, and the candle I bought for myself had a beautiful pink ring in it. Haven’t found the ring in the bar soap yet.

    1. KatBp Post author

      Most jewelry will be lower then the price of the candle but not always. Very few will have the higher priced jewelry but it sure would be awesome to get one of those highly priced pieces. :)

  2. hgibson1

    I ordered 5 days ago and my order still shows pending. I just tried to call the toll free number to ask when it will ship and it’s not a valid number. I sent an email and havn’t received a confirmation yet. I will give them a day or 2 to respond but if nothing am going to have to cancel my payment. Fortunately I paid with PayPal and reporting something like this and getting money back is not that difficult.

    1. KatBp Post author

      These were some of my favorite candles. Mine had a great scent and you don’t always get that with all candles. :)

    1. KatBp Post author

      I’ve been hearing of this with a few companies that the shipping has become very slow. A lot of these companies were starting off slow and grew very quickly. I’m sure during the holidays it was a bit crazy for them. I agree that waiting a whole month is absolutely nuts though!

  3. Karen

    My candle came very quick, just 5 days after I ordered! I ordered jasmine flower and it smells very nice! Can’t wait to see what my gift is!

      1. hgibson1

        The day after my post I received confirmation of shipping. I ordered the soap. Got them about 4 days after. They smell wonderful!!

          1. GabbiBates

            If you haven’t tried their soaps then why in your review does it say you haven’t used your soap down enough to get the ring?

  4. Deanna

    I stumbled upon this review and after reading the comments, decided to post. I signed on as a consultant for JewelScent back in October, the company was quite new and did not anticipate the popularity of the product. There were a lot of stock and shipping delays in November and December and I also shared in some of your disappointment about the delays. All should be working smoothly from now on so don’t give up on JewelScent because their products are amazing (and I am not just saying it as a Consultant). I have never had a candle that produced such wonderful fragrances and the soaps are amazing with the Moroccan Argan oil! If ever there is a problem, email the company (reply to your order confirmation email) and they are very quick to answer. Hope this helps anyone that may have been discouraged!

    1. KatBp Post author

      Thanks for posting all this! I reviewed my one candle and that’s all I’ve tried from them so far but I loved it. The scent was amazing and really lasted. :)

      1. Deanna

        You are welcome, KatBP! If you were thinking of trying other products from JewelScent, now is the time. There is a free soap promo going on. Order two candles, two aroma beads, or one of each – then add soap of your choice and enter FREESOAP at checkout. This promo is only for a limited time so don’t wait too long. I love the Lemon Lime Ginger soap, so refreshing in the morning. Orange Vanilla Musk is another of my favorites and I just got a new bar yesterday. I really hope they make that into a candle.

        I have not found a ring worth over $100 yet but I do know that 15 gold tokens have been turned in. How exciting! I have a facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/deannajewelscent) if you want to see some of the rings that I have found and more information on the products, also anyone can message me there and I would be happy to share any information and love on any of the products. My link is on there to order but if you don’t use facebook, http://jewelscent.com/Deanna is my link for ordering and all of my contact information is located there.

        I can’t wait to read your reviews on other JewelScent products!

    2. Elena

      I emailed them, but have not heard back. I never received an email confirmation either. Otherwise, I could have tracked my shipping that way. I placed my order 2/9/14 and I’m still waiting. I paid for shipping cost and should have received between 3 – 5 days according to site.

  5. AmyF

    I ordered the lilac scented soap. It was wonderful, and really does smell like lilacs, which is my favorite flower. The ring I got out of it was very pretty too.

  6. marsha

    Love my Pumpkin Caramel Candle. Has anyone ever got the same ring twice? I want to order another scent, but don’t want the same ring. Mine is nice, but I don’t like pink & that’s what color I got. Can the ring alone be returned if u get same ring twice?

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